Welcome to Avenue 126, a lifestyle blog written out of Cincinnati, Ohio by Megan and Melissa, two twenty-something girls who fancy the little joys of life. Here is where we will share our favorite trends, tastes, crafts, adventures, and all other things we love.

Megan Melissa Cirlce

Why Avenue 126?

We are lovers of Jesus who have reaped the benefits of the friendship he has given us. Together we get to experience the goodness of the Lord in life’s little moments – whether through cute clothes, yummy food, pinterest projects, a good book, a girl’s trip, new music, or a day at the pool.  The 126 comes from Psalm 126 in the Bible, a piece of scripture that we feel best reflects the grace He has given us and the joy we find in Him.

“Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy…the Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.”

We believe that every woman deserves to find her confidence and self worth in who she was created to be. We are excited to share with you the avenues the Lord has highlighted to us that fill our days with joy, laughter and ultimate fulfillment in Him.

We are so excited that you stopped by! So, go ahead, get cozy and make yourself at home. We sincerely hope that something you see on this blog sparks a desire in your heart to discover the new avenues of joy the Lord has waiting for you.

About Melissa by Megan

Melissa Chaney

Melissa is a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, caring for tiny micro humans by night and by day is one of the most creative, hospitable, stylish, classy, generous, compassionate, & hilarious individuals you ever will meet. I have the great honor of calling Melissa my dearest friend, & my life is so much fuller because of it. Melissa & I work together collaboratively directing the stateside portion of a nonprofit in Kenya, Africa that is providing a home to 40 orphaned children who have captured our hearts and lit up our lives with joy….If you meet Melissa you’ll quickly realize that she is clothed in humility, but you’ll also realize she is good at just about everything, like everything, for real. She is so stylish, dressed to perfection at all times, she is a classy girly-girl, lover of all things chevron, and outrageously hospitable, but you better believe one of the things she loves most in the world is University of Cincinnati basketball, and traveling across the world to be in the mud & dirt with Kenyan orphans. However, among the very long list, my favorite thing about Mel is her relentless love for the Lord and the fact that no matter what we are doing together she can point me to trusting and loving Jesus deeper. The Lord has been good to us and we are continually grateful.

About Megan by Melissa

Megan Lewin

Megan is a labor+delivery nurse by day, and a wife by night…and every other moment. She also happens to be my dearest friend. When she’s not working or being super wife, she is probably doing something that entails being Mama to 40 orphans across the globe in Kakamega, Kenya. If I could describe Megan in 5 words they would be this: humble, hilarious, innovative, godly, and loyal. She is a creative giant in a teeny-tiny little strawberry-blonde girl’s body. In her spare time, if she’s not in her kitchen cooking up something delicious (and healthy), you can find her with a good book, buying something adorable…and probably on sale…or sitting in my little condo laughing at something only we find funny. Apart from all of these amazing qualities, however, the most precious and beautiful thing about Megan is her desire to know and be known by Jesus. The pure joy of knowing Christ literally oozes from every surface of this girl. If it weren’t for Megan’s authenticity and transparency in her walk with Christ, I would not be serving Him in the facet that I am today. She challenges me, encourages me, and ultimately spurs me on toward the Throne of Grace every single day, and she does so with humility, grace, and love. She is my person…you know? The girl I share the Lord, and my dreams and secrets and frustrations with. Like, she’s the other half of the girly friendship in the movies that people are like – “I wish I had a best friend like that!” – and I simply adore her.