3 Ingredient Choco-Sprinkled Pretzels

Question. What’s better than a little salty and a little sweet all wrapped into one yummy (and adorable) treat?! It’s kind of  a trick question – because nothing at all is better. Nothing.

And, honestly, what could be more classic-salty-and-sweet than some chocolate covered pretzels!? Again, a trick question. Nothing.

3 Ingredient Choco-Sprinkled Pretzels

For me (Mel), chocolate covered pretzels have always been one of my favorite little treats. They remind me of my mom and of Broadway shows. Random? Yes. Let me explain. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom has taken me downtown to the Aronoff to see Broadway musicals. I credit her for my love of theater, since she introduced it to me when I was still a little girl who could dream whatever I wanted. My first show was Annie, and my second Beauty and the Beast. We would (and still do) get all dressed up, eat a fun dinner out, and then head to the show. And at intermission, I always, always, always got a chocolate covered pretzel from that fancy chocolate booth in the lobby, while my mom opted for a caramel turtle. There’s just something about chocolate pretzels that makes my heart happy…makes me appreciate my mom and the fun traditions she cultivated for me as a child…makes me excited to go to the theater even now. And because of those things, they will always serve as a simple reminder of how thankful I am for sweet times with my mama.

Anyway, just a little side story! Back to the how-to! You’ll only need 3 simple ingredients for these cute little snacks!

  • Pretzel Rods
  • Melting Chocolate
  • Sprinkes (optional, but encouraged!)

Start by covering a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper. Next, break your pretzel rods in half…if you want. You could always make larger ones, but we like the half size for a quick little bite-size treat when you need something sweet! Finally, melt your chocolate per the instructions on the bag. We used Wilton Candy Melts from Michaels and they work wonderfully. Once your chocolate is all meted, dip away! Place the dipped rods on your baking sheet and generously decorate with your sprinkles! Make sure you are sprinkling immediately after dipping so your little sprinks will set. Nothing will make you frown bigger than watching your sprinkles roll off an already dry pretzel and onto your baking sheet! Lastly, you squeal with joy and satisfaction at how darn cute they look!

That’s it! So simple, so cute, and so yummy! And what an easy treat to make for a party, a shower, or just for a lazy Sunday afternoon when you want something good to snack on! We would love to know what your special little memory treat is, too! Comment and let us know what stirs up sweet memories when you eat it!

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